Brazilian coffee: The bitter taste of crisis

This magazine is part of an action that started in April 2002, with the worldwide launch of the campaign "Trade with" Justice, of Oxfam International, which deals with the relationship between trade and poverty. The initiative continued in September, when the campaign what's in your breakfast? came to public. The campaign is an effort of Contag, Oxfam and CUT, with the collaboration of the Social Observatory to uncover the reasons for the crisis in coffee activity and give voice to those who suffer most fromderegulation of the primary products.

Along with the campaign, was launched this magazine, which shows, in reporting, the paths of coffee in Brazil and its importance to family farmers and rural employees. In May 2003, was released the study Coffee and poverty - Sara Lee: theory and practice in social responsibility, which shows the performance of the multinational Sara Lee. Finally, a third material was released in May 2004. With the title: Life, production and work - Family farmers and rural employees, the latter study analyzes the coffee production chain, with an emphasis on living and working conditions in southern Minas Gerais and in the Northwest of the Holy Spirit-at the time, the main producing regions.

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10/09/2015 17:15 2015
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