Company Monitor – Philips in Mexico

The Company Monitor analyzes the performance of Ahold, Unilever, Philips and Akzo Nobel in six countries. The surveyed companies were chosen based on three criteria: operate in different countries, in various sectors and be known to the Dutch public. For five years these companies were monitored in developing countries, noting aspects of rights and labor relations, in addition to working conditions. The central issue is to verify that in this period there was no improvement in the situation of workers.

Philips's presence in Mexico

The Philips Mexico group consists of companies established with foreign investment. It has been in Mexico since 1963 and produces mainly electrical/electronic products. Philips Mexico has administrative offices in Mexico City, while its regional headquarters is in São Paulo, Brazil. The parent company’s headquarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the descriptions of the relation between the Philips companies in Mexico and the corporation, the latter refers to the regional division of Latin America.

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06/01/2003 15:30 2003
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