Devastation INC.

Logging operating illegally, corrupt public officials and business groups linked directly or indirectly to criminal schemes are at the base of the process of devastation of the Amazon rainforest. The wood from companies that clear will stop at the home of consumers from all continents, from North America to Asia, from Europe to Oceania. In dozens of countries, which is taken out of the forest becomes raw material in construction and in various branches of industry.

This issue brings to you one of the reports from Observatório Social special issue, named Devastation S/A, it unveils the international trade in illegally removed wood of the forest. The wood passes through a fraudulent scheme which gives her a look 100% legal. This is possible because in the middle of the process there is a gang within the State Secretariat of Environment of Pará, which operates in partnership with logging and exporting companies. At the end of the path are giants in the sector of wood and construction based in the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


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06/01/2009 15:15 2009
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